Sounds and Colors

A Reggio-inspired, Dual Language, Child Development Center

How Our Children Construct Knowledge

In a child-centered, play based, project based learning environment, our children are provoked to construct knowledge. With the guidance and support of highly qualified teachers, our children engaged in developing the projects that are designed following their own interests. 

Some of the experiences that we promote for  our children to have while the project unfolds are:

  • Conversations and dialogues
  • Negotiations
  • Problem Solving
  • Experimenting
  • Explorations with a great variety of materials
  • Graphic Representations
  • Drawings
  • Creation of 3D art pieces
  • Paintings
  • Music and dance
  • Second language immersion
  • Individual and group productions and creations …

 The learning experiences take place all day while the children navigate their environments.  We focus on building upon a solid foundation of what we have observed the children are reaching in terms of what is defined as age-appropriate milestones.  Opportunities to develop and to refine skills in the dimensions of: Approaches to Play and Learning, Emotional and Social Development, Health and Physical Development, Language Development and Communication, and Cognitive Development, are provided to our children at all times.