Our Approach

Our approach to early childhood education is based on the implementation of high quality early childhood practices.
The components of our approach include:

  • The Reggio Emilia Educational Philosophy:​ We are inspired by this philosophy.  We are a Reggio-inspired school. To learn more about the Reggio Emilia Educational Philosophy, please click on this link:   http://www.reggiochildren.it

  • Dual Language Learning: Our children are in learning environments that promote the acquisition of second or third languages. While supporting the child's home language, our children develop high levels of language proficiency in Spanish.  To learn more about dual language at an early age, and the many short- and long-term life changing benefits, click here.

  • Socio-Emotional Learning: Daily interactions are the opportunities we use to place heavy emphasis on giving our children the tools they need to happily navigate group settings. Providing  experiences to promote socio-emotional learning is always in our environments.

  • Outdoors Learning Environments: A well balanced daily schedule incorporates several hours of outdoors learning experiences for our children. Facilitating connections with nature, and outdoors promotes smart living. 


  • Healthy Eating and the Joy of Food: In our kitchen, we use high quality fresh produce to prepare the meals for our children. We are proud to call our kitchen: “A can-free kitchen.” A great variety of meals, and with the most select ingredients, is served to our children every day, making the meals’ experience a very important, and meaningful part of our children’s days.


Sounds and Colors

A Reggio-inspired, Dual Language, Child Development Center